Co-Parenting into the Future Course

Co-Parenting Into The Future

7 Lessons

This course is designed to create a a better future than you might have expected for your children after your divorce. During the course, you will be asked to look at the relationship with the other parent and how it was that you contributed to the end of your relationship.
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“Co-parenting into the Future” is designed to enable you to create a future for your children after your divorce which might not otherwise have been expected. Although this Course was not designed by therapists, and is not intended as a substitute for qualified family therapy or qualified legal expertise, it is different from every Course available today and opens up new possibilities for families everywhere. You will also be exposed to tools for effective communication and living into the future as a “restructured” family and not a “broken” one.

We understand that there are some circumstances which make dealing with the other parent difficult and in some cases even impossible. Nevertheless, even in the worst of circumstances, there are practical ideas that might improve a difficult situation for your children. You should check with your therapist or legal counsel to see if the ideas of this Course can benefit you.


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We are each responsible for the experiences in our lives and, though sometimes difficult to see or embrace, every choice we have made in our lives has brought us to exactly this place. This course is an opportunity to take responsibility for those choices and to make ones in the future which will support our children.